remake of unofficial luma of duulpointer, CustomLuma3DS


Download CustomLuma3DS-releasev1.1.0.zip Download boot.3dsx Download boot.firm
Version: 1.1.0-b
Last updated:


Download boot.firm
Version: 1.1.1-dev_0.1
Last updated:


after using so much the unofficial luma fork, since was my favourite, i’m trying to bring it back to light in a new light. it will replace your current cfw so be careful, it has almost the same feature and i’m trying to grant much more hardware control, trying is different, it has a lot of feature you will have to read the page on gbatemp or github, though i’m trying to insert the instruction inside the cfw itself… but a quick resume is twl emunand support, almost all the feature of the unofficial luma fork,(currently porting them), some feature for otp and nandcid, rosalina streaming set coin to max from rosalina, led control, eccc. have fun and keep backups also stopping update on nand firm whever you want… so many others read the wiki on gbatemp for more