Download GodMode9i.7z Download GodMode9i.cia Download GodMode9i.dsi Download GodMode9i.nds
Version: v3.5.3
Last updated:



  • TWiLight Menu++: Use either the GodMode9i.nds or GodMode9i.dsi file, they function identically with TWiLight Menu++
    • The only difference is that GodMode9i.dsi has a Title ID
  • Flashcard: Use the GodMode9i.nds file
  • hiyaCFW SDNAND: Install the GodMode9i.dsi file with NTM
  • 3DS HOME Menu: Install the GodMode9i.cia file with FBI


  • Dump GameBoy Advance cartridges on the original Nintendo DS and Nintendo DS Lite consoles.
  • Dump Nintendo DS/DSi cartridges on Nintendo DSi and Nintendo 3DS consoles (if GodMode9i is ran on the console SD card).
  • Copy, move, delete, rename files/folders and create folders.
  • Mount the NitroFS of .nds files.
  • Browse files on supported flashcards when running GM9i from the NAND or SD Card. (AceKard 2(i) & R4 Ultra (